Tuesday, September 9, 2008

olde tymers

this is something of a continuation from my last blog, I went to this huge flea market in Sparks and they had all sorts of "trash" or "treasures" depending on how you want to look at it, I saw both for sure and I flexed all sorts of personal urge control from buying all sorts of stuff. I do love old stuff, it is so unique and it has a patina and I love to think of who first had it or where it has been over time or who has cherished this thing or of course who had it and is now dead (I can be a teensy bit morbid, what can I say) it is fascinating to me. I guess that kinda leads me into this post, I came across a bunch of old photos and I love just to look at them and picture those people as if they were living today and see what they are wearing and see if they look weathered and stuff like that... anyway I came across this couple, aren't they a pair?? I have to say that if the woman wasn't wearing a dress I might think they were 2 dudes and check out those hands! WOW, them are big for lady hands!! Look at the his coat and how it is buttoned, all the little details. I wonder if these two had been married for years and raised tons of children and livestock and worked the land and finally saved up enough for one of them fancy portraits like folk in the big city get.

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