Wednesday, August 20, 2008


here in KC they have a benefit for the humane society every August and it's an art auction, 75% of the art is silent auction and about 25% goes live auction and they have all sorts of donated food and beverages (and if you donate artwork you get to attend for free-sweet!! Anyway I have been doing artwork for these events for about 5 or 6 years and it's a fun time and it forces me to make some finished framed art at least once a year for a good cause so in a nutshell it is ALL good, anyway for the past 2 years I have done screenprint and I am still "finding" my style but I am getting there so anyway here's a 3 color (silver, turquoise blue & black) print I did last year, "BANG" with some details and later I wil post the one I just finished up for this year 2008.
somewhere I have a pic of it framed and if I can track that down I will post that later.

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