Thursday, August 21, 2008

art unleashed part2 2008

This year for art unleashed I wanted to screenprint again and of course I had to use chihuahuas as my subject matter so I did some sketches and decided to pretend it was a little poster. I love to design posters!! I will share some of those later. Now that I am more familiar with my screenprint studio and I have more confidence with it I have been experimenting more so on this particular piece I have so many different looking versions of the same design, I used different colored papers and I handdrew on a bunch of the papers before I printed on them. The prints are missing a white diamond coming out of his hand an white being on the skull because I haven't burned that screen yet. I need to take some more photos to show some of those but for now I have a couple of detail shots. I love the way screenprint looks when it is slightly off register and the colors overlap or they glom up just a bit in one spot while in another they are really thin. SO COOL. With my set-up I need to keep things kinda chunky because I don't have access to a vaccuum light table for exposing the screens but for what I have I think it's not bad.

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