Monday, September 1, 2008

SPARKS big fat flea market

This weekend I went with my friend Donna to a mega huge flea market: here is the description-

SPARKS - - 1st SUNDAY-Road and K-7 Hwy. Seasonal market, Sparks Flea Market. 290th Sunday in may and the three preceding days. Also held in mid July, Labor Day weekend and a 5 day show late in fall. Call for specific dates. Free adm & ample parking. Indoor and outdoor market. Market is strong on quality antiques, collectibles, and antique furniture. Lots of great collectible/smalls spreads here along with many high grade quality dealers that set excellent booths. Approx 4-500 dealers.

I saw some pretty crazy stuff, unfortunately my camera battery was dying so I didn't get a lot of photos. There was plenty of "awesomely gross" things like this wolf and owl duo, the gross factor is just how dirty these things were, ewww. There were tons of vendors and they had some interesting set ups, some stuff was under canopys or umbrellas or in some funky old beat up houses or old store buildings, but my all time fave was in a super creepy mobile home. It was just as cool to see the insides of these places as to browse through all the stuff. Next time I will have my camera charged for sure. I scored a great buy! I got a danish modern bench for ok ready, $10 friggin dollars yeah, crazy, the guy who had it said he didn't want to haul it back. Sure it needs LOTS of love but it is sturdy and all I need to do is sand it down, refinish it and make some cushions, considering I got it for 10 bucks that isn't bad!!! I think I want to have it in my basement in my screenprint studio, since it is a wooden frame it won't pick up any of that basement funk. It was the only "modern" thing I saw there, I had to rescue it! I took a only a couple of other pics and I will post those too. The crazy baby heads are a picture for my friend flora and the johnny walker pic is for my friend Mimi, I thought of them when I saw this stuff. The wolf, i'm posting that twice, just look at his plastic face sewn onto that dirty plush body, ha, and that dirty little owl pal of his.


SkipFitz said...

Next time? Drag me along. I mean, you don't have to, but you must. Such clutter! Such proud, unapologetic junk!

Such beauty.

Flora Chang said...

Dang you know me so well... darn it.
I was thinking "oooo i will buy those baby heads" when i first saw those photos... they are so creepy...