Tuesday, August 19, 2008


hey! this is my first blog, after resisting the temptation of internet at home for over 2 years I am finally giving in. I have finally realized the dream of sitting on the couch and surfing the internet, goodbye to sleep. I am starting this blog because I don't sketch anymore! I need to put a tiny fire under my booty to do some personal artwork so I figure I can be held accountable to this blog. I work by day as a greeting card designer and I am in a band- called softee- www.myspace.com/softeerocks so my creativity is already spread thin but I really need to keep up my fine art "skillz"- I really like to do hand lettering and recently I have made my basement into a screenprint studio (more on that later) I want to do a bunch of quickie screenprints and learn how to let go and wash those screens off right away!! I've gotta loosen up. So I will probably/hopefully be posting lots of screenprint stuff and sketches, any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Oh yeah, I have 2 chihuahuas/muses, diego and chewie, "the chihuahua brothers" (they aren't really brothers, but don't tell them that) thus the title of my blog! wish me luck!

You'll get some artwork in the next post, it's 2 in the morning, I gotta go- geez.


(diego is in the tank top, chewie is in the red harness in the buggy full of chihuahuas, that's right, a buggy)


Flora Chang said...

Why aren't you sleeping yet?? GO TO BED ALREADY!

Flora Chang said...

BTW...they are not brothers. They are lovers. Teehee...

S▲R▲H + C O L I N W▲L S H said...

hey! you secret blogger..you didn't even tell me!!!
the chihuahua brothers!!!!! YAY!